The Woke Evolution 100 Years In The Making

Being woke is not something we are born with. It is a conscious decision to learn, understand the world around us, and use that information to improve our and other people’s lives.

We are all born with the shackles of bias, whether stereotyping against communities, internalized misogynism, subtly disguised colorism, or elitism. We cannot control it since it is what we have learned from the environment around us, but living blindly, blissful within our ignorance, is something we can be held accountable for.

We must look within ourselves, grab hold of persisting mental stereotypes, and break away from them. That is the only way we can live to our fullest potential.

The Woke Evolution 100 Years In The Making by Darius Lamont Allen is the journey of a Black man on a quest to discover the true meaning of being woke and the many interesting encounters he has while on the path to do so.