The Abortion Evolution Surviving To Live

Darius Allen reflects on the topic of abortion and ponders whether life is a cycle of living to survive or if it is primarily about surviving to live. From his perspective, he acknowledges that his mother had the right to choose and ultimately chose him. While he remains uncertain about the moral implications of abortion, he firmly believes in free will. In the present era, Darius observes various instances of abortion and the consequential cause-and-effect relationships that affect society. He recognizes a profound understanding and connection concerning this complex issue, influenced by choice, politics, reason, religion, and other societal institutions.

He believes the current moment presents a suitable time for individuals to make conscious choices. He encourages everyone to reflect on their stance and decide on their perspective on abortion. Darius asserts that adapting our approaches to align with the evolving times is essential. Ultimately, he implores people to exercise their right to choose and decide, following their beliefs and values.